Quality Carbide Woodturning Tools Proudly Made In America by American Craftsmen

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4 available cutters to choose from, 2 for wood only and 2 for epoxy/resin or hybrid pieces like the picture above.

Add a 2 or 3 tool set of Simple Scrapers in your cart. We don't want to pick which cutters you need, so return to the Simple Scraper Cutters page here and select the one's you want -- UP TO 2 EXTRA CUTTERS FOR FREE! They will display as FREE in your cart. No coupon code needed.
You'll get the cutters you see on the tools PLUS you'll get to choose 2 more cutters.


The entire line of Simple Woodturing Tools® is CNC machined by Harrison Specialties in Ramsey, Minnesota.

To meet all your needs, we offer 3 sizes of carbide turning tools for wood projects and for epoxy/resin, acrylic and wood hybrid projects. Many accessories are also available including the "Simple Hollowing System", the "Vacuum Chuck", Tool Rack and more. Check them all out!

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Tool Packages for All Wood Projects

Tool Packages for Acrylic Epoxy/Resin and Wood Hybrid Projects

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