Wrench that fits Glue Hub or Vacuum Chuck

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This vacuum chuck & glue hub wrench simplifies chuck removal from the lathe headstock, and eliminates the need for cumbersome crescent wrenches or marring-toothed channel locks.

Fits all vacuum chucks & Glue Hubs made by Simple Woodturning Tools.

  • Lightweight: Weighs only 3 oz
  • Machined from .25" thick aluminum
  • Wrench Opening: 1.745"
  • Wrench Length: 5.75"
  • Wrench Width: 2.90"
  • Hole Openings (x3): 0.26"
  • Glue Hub and Vacuum Chuck sold separately.

* Glue or epoxy a magnet to the back and it'll stick to your lathe!