Simple Hollowing System for Shopsmith with Laser

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Simple Hollowing System for Shopsmith - Laser Guided Precise Woodturning

This system ships with the laser attachment.

  • Made in America in Ramsey, Minnesota.
  • This system can be used to turn both the inside and outside of a project. That makes it ideal for turners who must turn while seated or who may have other physical limitations making it difficult to hold tools.
  • All Simple Woodturning Tools® can be used in the system or any other tool with a half inch tang.
  • This system will also accept 3/8" (mid size) tools with the addition of the SHS Bushing found here: SHS BUSHING

With the laser always showing exactly where the cutter is inside your hollow form or bowl, all the stress and fear of catches is eliminated. Now precise wall thickness is simple to achieve. For example if you what a 1/4" wall thickness simply set the laser light to shine 1/4" away from the cutter. Then hollow out your vessel until the laser light just falls off the outside of the vessel and you will have a 1/4" wall thickness. 

Simple Woodturning Tools that will work in this Hollowing System are (click tool name for details):

Simple Swan Neck Hollower - This tool is designed specifically for finishing hollow forms.

Simple Shear Cutting Finisher® - This tool leaves the best surface finish. Available in either 12" length or 16" length.

Simple Turner & Hollower - This tool is the simplest to use.

Simple Rougher

Simple 90° Detailer

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