BUNDLE - 12" Simple Scraper IV with Handle PLUS Flat Tool Rest with Post

Simple Woodturning Tools


Available Now!

Save $10 with this Flat Tool Rest & 12" Long Simple Scraper Bundle!

Included are:

  • Simple Scraper IV with your cutter choice
  • 17" long solid aluminum handle with foam grip
  • Flat tool rest with your choice of rest width and post diameter
  • Clamping collar for tool rest post, plus all wrenches included

This rectangle tool rest was originally designed with the Simple Scraper IV to reduce tool overhang & vibrations and improve cutting while deep hollowing boxes, bowls or other vessels. However, we discovered that this is quite beneficial to use with our other square shaft tools as it helps keep the tool flat and the cutter at the lathe center line and greatly reduces "teeter tottering" that can be common from a standard tool rest. We also like to use this with the Simple Parting Tool as the tool body can be on the flat tool rest, which greatly helps keep the tool steady and the tip at the center line. 

  • Reduce tool & cutter overhang while hollowing to reduce vibrations
  • Helps eliminate mistakes by keeping tools flat and cutters at the lathe center line
  • Clamping collar keeps height position while rotating in banjo
  • Available in 1" or 5/8" diameter steel post to fit most all banjos
  • CNC machined from stainless steel in our shop in Ramsey, Minnesota
  • Ships with 3/16 Allen key to assemble rest/post and adjust clamping collar

This rest works with any tools, not just the Simple Scraper. Ideally used with Simple Scraper IV when hollowing inside a deep vessel. However, we're loving this flat steady surface for outside turning, parting and also bottom finishing when holding your project with a vacuum chuck.

Tool Rest


  • 1/2" thick x 1.5" wide CNC machined from Stainless Steel
  • Choose from 5", 7" or 9" long
  • smooth surface for smooth tool movements
  • comes with a socket cap screw with threadlocker to secure to post (can be removed if needed; threadlocker will not prevent it from being removed)

Vertical Post:

  • Solid steel post, either 1" diameter or 5/8" diameter
  • 1" diameter post is 5" long (fits lathes such as JET 1644 and Nova Galaxy)
  • 5/8" diameter post is 4" long (fits smaller lathes such as Turncrafter Commander and Rikon Woodfast 70-100)
  • threaded hole in top of post secures to flat rest with included socket cap screw & included 3/16 hex key.
  • If you need a different length post, please send us a message.

Clamping Collar

  • Optional - but is very nice to help keep your tool rests' vertical position when adjusting your banjo.
  • 3/16 hex key included to adjust collar as needed.


Simple Scraper IV - Hollowing, Shaping and Finishing Tool (12" length)

With four cutter choices (2 oval and 2 rectangle) suitable for nearly any project or material!

What are the benefits of this tool?

  • The widest and most unique carbide scraper on the market is now available in a longer length for reaching inside hollow forms!
  • When combined with the 17" long foam grip handle, this becomes a beefy 26.5" long tool ideal for great leverage and control.
  • Recommended to use with the flat scraper rest to minimize tool overhang and improve surface finishing.
  • This tool works in the Simple Hollowing System for extended reach vs Simple Scraper I.
  • Beneficial on every project from small pens to large bowls and everything in between because you can shape and finish with a single tool.
  • Quickly remove tool marks and create silky smooth profile transitions between inside and outside curves, as well as straight wave free lines.
  • Makes a perfectly flat bottom with a smooth transition to the inner wall using the oval cutter, or a square inside box corner using the rectangular cutter.
  • Creates a smooth finish with much less tearout and minimal sanding.

Why are there different cutters?

Oval Cutters:

The oval cutter is great for shaping and finishing, combining the usefulness of a square AND round cutter into a single tool. 

  • Oval cutter (for wood): The oval cutters are perfect for virtually any curved shape imaginable especially on the outside of your project.
  • Oval negative rake cutter (for epoxy/resin, hybrid and wood): Like the oval cutter but the negative rake grind also makes this cutter less aggressive. This reduces chipping in very hard materials (epoxy/resin), can reduce tear out in softer materials and provides a great finish in both man-made materials and harder woods. Because the negative rake grind is less aggressive, many people find it easier to use.

Rectangular Cutters:

The rectangular cutters make it simple to create square inside corners, beads and straight lines. Perfect for the inside and outside base of any project. 

  1. Rectangle cutter (for wood)- This cutter shines on the outside of bowls, hollow forms, vases, platers, and wooden pen blanks. You'll also love it for simple spindle work too. Another place you’ll love this cutter is on the inside of a box.

  2. Rectangle negative rake cutter (for epoxy/resin, hybrid and wood)- Like the rectangle insert but the negative rake grind makes this cutter less aggressive. This reduces chipping in very hard materials, can reduce tear out in softer materials and provides a great finish in both man-made materials and harder woods. Because the negative rake grind is less aggressive, many people find it easier to use.

  3. Replacement carbide cutters can be found here

How Do I Use the Simple Scraper?

  • Position the tool rest as close to the work as possible so the carbide cutter is at the lathe center line.
  • Place the tool on the tool rest with the tool shaft parallel with the floor.
  • While securely holding the tool slowly move the carbide cutter into the work.

What are the Details of the Tool?

  • Carbide cutter size: 1.18" x .50" x .10" thick
  • Tool measures 1" wide x 3/8" thick x 12" long. Handle tang is 3/8" square (fits in 1/2" hole) x 2.5" long, so tool length once it's in the handle is 9.5".
  • Handle Options:
    • Best used with Simple Hollowing System. Fits 1/2" diameter standard tool holder. Tool length when held in tool holder is 9.5"
    • If used with INCLUDED Full Size Handle with Foam Grip - Tool and handle length is 26.5".
    • Does not fit mid size handle. Requires handle with 1/2" dia hole.