Simple Hollowing System with Laser, Extended Mounting Base & Tools for Outside Bowl Turning

Simple Woodturning Tools


Available Now!

This bundle of the Simple Hollowing System, extended base plate and 4 carbide tools is ideal for turning & shaping the outside & inside of your wood bowl or vase.

The extended base plate allows for greater flexibility using the Simple Hollowing System as you can reach the outside of your project, even while using tailstock support. It's even possible to do this while seated.

4 Tools Included:

  • Simple Scraper with negative rake oval cutter - 5.5" tool length
  • STH: Simple Turner & Hollower - 9.5" tool length 
  • SR: Simple Rougher - 9.5" tool length
  • S55D: Simple 55 Detailer- 9.5" tool length
  • 17" long solid aluminum foam grip handle
  • All tools fit in the Simple Hollowing System or the included handle

*The Simple Scraper tool will accept any of the 4 cutter options. Both the rectangle cutter and oval cutter will fit this same tool.

Extended Base Plate Options:

  • Plate only - use clamp and knob that come with Simple Hollowing System
  • Plate with Hardware - ships with extra clamp and knob so you have a complete set for the extended plate and a set for the standard plate that ships with the SHS.

Simple Hollowing System Includes:

  • Articulating Arm
  • Laser Assembly including power cord
  • Mounting Hardware to attach to lathe bed
  • Installation Instructions
  • Wrenches needed to install/adjust as needed