Hollowing System with Laser for Precise Bowl Thickness

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This Hollowing System is especially great for those who want extra help holding tools firmly or need to turn while sitting. Don't let weak or arthritic hands keep you from turning!

• Stabilize tools while using the laser beam to get precise wall thickness.

• Fully articulating to get your tool exactly where you want.

• Use with "Extended Base Plate" for more movement - even the outside of your bowls.

• Use any tool with a 1/2" round handle tang in this system.

--Mid size tools can be used with the available additional bushing
--5/8" round tools can be used with the available 5/8" holder

This system comes with the articulating arm, the laser assembly and all the mounting hardware. Tools are not included in this system, however you can add them on. You can also use any tool with a 1/2" round handle tang in this system.

What does the laser do?

The laser guides you to precise wall thickness at all times, eliminating the worry of cutting through the wall just as your bowl is complete.

The commercial quality laser is set so the laser light is offset from the cutting tip by the desired wall thickness of the vessel. When you begin hollowing the laser points mostly to the middle of the vessel. As the vessel is hollowed and the cutting tip moves outward the laser light follows. Once the cutter reaches the desired thickness, the laser light falls off the vessel.

What tools work with the SHS?

All full-size Simple Woodturning Tools (see them all here) and any turning tool with a 1/2" round handle tang.
Tools with a 3/8" round handle tang (mid-size tools identified by tool engraving starting with M) can be used with the addition of the SHS 1/2” to 3/8” bushing.
Tools with a 5/8" round handle tang can be used by replacing the standard 1/2” tool holder with the optional 5/8" tool holder.

The entire Simple Hollowing System is made by Harrison Specialties in the Land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota. All components are precision machined on an American made Haas CNC milling machine.

With the laser always showing exactly where the cutter is inside your hollow form or bowl, all the stress and fear of catches is eliminated. Now precise wall thickness is simple to achieve. For example if you what a 1/4" wall thickness simply set the laser light to shine 1/4" away from the cutter. Then hollow out your vessel until the laser light just falls off the outside of the vessel and you will have a 1/4" wall thickness. 

  • This fully articulating hollowing system will fit virtually any lathe with split ways, even mini lathes. 
  • Note: If you own a Nova DVR be sure to let us know and we will ship a mounting base clamp specifically for that lathe. 
  • This system can be used to turn both the inside and outside of a project. That makes it ideal for turners who must turn while seated or who may have other physical limitations making it difficult to hold tools.
  • All Full Size Simple Woodturning Tools® can be used in the system or any other tool with a half inch round tang.
  • This system will also accept 3/8" (mid size) tools with the addition of the SHS Bushing found here: SHS BUSHING

Should you have a lathe with a solid bed please let me know and I will see about developing a custom mount for your lathe.

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