Turners Bundle - Maple/Walnut/Cherry Segmented Bowl Blank plus Glue Hub with waste block and wrench

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1.25" - 8 Threads in Glue Hub
1" - 8 Threads in Glue Hub

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  • Threaded, reusable, aluminum glue hub with hardwood waste block
  • 6.5" diameter x 3.5" thick segmented bowl blank with center point for simple gluing
  • Wrench for loosening hub from lathe spindle
  • Once you've completed your turning, the glue hub and waste block can be reused for other projects! 
  • Finished bowl(s) not included, shown in pictures only to give an idea of what could be made from the bowl blank.

Glue Hub Features:

  • SIMPLE: Turn both inside, outside and bottom without removing and reversing project
  • EXTRA SPACE: creates more room for shaping bottom or foot as it is smaller than a 4-jaw chuck and moves project away from the headstock
  • SAVES WOOD: No need to lose wood on a tenon. Consume the waste block when parting your project off
  • LONG LIFE: Add more fine-grained hardwood to extend waste block
  • REUSABLE: Aluminum won’t crack or break over time
  • REMOVEABLE: Remove project from lathe multiple times without losing center alignment.
  • CONVENIENT: No screws or jaws. Thread hub onto lathe, glue your wood project directly to the waste block, use your tailstock to hold, and start turning once the glue dries.
  • THREADED: Threads directly onto your lathe spindle, or can be reversed and held in tail stock.
  • HOLDS SECURELY: Waste block features ½” deep milled pocket that the glue hub is glued into resulting in a more secure hold than a butt joint. No more coming loose from chuck jaws.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighs 16 oz (with waste block) vs 4-jaw chucks that weigh 4+ lbs
  • WORKS WITH RESIN: Without the waste block this can be glued or molded directly into a resin project.
  • We always recommend using tailstock support as much as possible when turning. This can be done with a live tailstock chuck and a center point.

Glue Hub Details:

  • CNC machined from 6061 aluminum
  • 1.90" outside diameter 
  • 3.5" Overall Length
  • Choose from either 1" - 8 TPI threads or 1.25" - 8 TPI

Hardwood Waste Block:

  • Arrives pre-glued to hub using clear Gorilla glue.
  • Routered from kiln dried hard maple.
  • 2.5" diameter x 1.5" long
  • Milled pocket is 0.50" deep, so your glue hub sits inside the waste block 0.50".
  • Once your original waste block becomes 1" long, we suggest that you add additional fine-grained hardwood, such as hard maple, to the waste block. This will allow you to separate your project without consuming the original waste block.

Wood Blank:

  • Comes already round ~ No Outside Roughing
  • Comprised of 2 maple segments, 2 walnut segments, 2 cherry segments and an ash base, all kiln dried
  • Measures 6.5" diameter by approximately 3.5" thick
  • Just glue to your waste block, allow to dry and you're ready to start turning.
  • We always recommend using tailstock support as much as possible when turning. This can be done with a live tailstock chuck and a center point.

Wrench: fits all vacuum chucks & Glue Hubs made by Simple Woodturning Tools.

  • Lightweight: Weighs only 3 oz
  • Machined from .25" thick aluminum
  • Wrench Opening: 1.745"
  • Wrench Length: 5.75"
  • Wrench Width: 2.90"
  • Hole Openings (x3): 0.26"