Hollowing System Helps Stabilize and Guide Tools

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  • Stabilize and guide woodturning tools while hollowing and finishing.
  • Work with silky smooth motion with stability and precise tool control.
  • Get the confidence and ease of turning you never thought possible.
  • Mounts on any lathe with split bed ways as shown in the photos.
  • Be free to concentrate on creativity with no worries of catches or vibrations while hollowing.
  • Works with any of our full-size turning tools with a 1/2" round handle tang.
  • Mid-size tools with a 3/8" round handle tang can be used with the addition of the SHS 1/2” to 3/8” bushing.
  • Tools with a 5/8" round handle tang can be used by replacing the standard 1/2” tool holder with the optional 5/8" tool holder.
  • Use with "Extended Base Plate" for more movement - even the outside of your bowls.
  • Combine the longer Simple Scraper IV for deeper scraper hollowing and flat bottom boxes and bowls.
  • Combine with the flat box tool rest for additional tool support

How deep can I hollow with this system?

  • This system is compatible with most any tool that has a 1/2" handle tang diameter. If you already own tools with this size handle tang, they should work with this system. They will sit inside the tool holder about 2.5", so your reach will be about 3" shorter than your tool length.
  • The longest tool we make us the 16" long Simple Shear Cutting Finisher, which will give you a reach of about 13". This tool features a 5/8" round shaft and a 1/2" round handle tang to fit in the tool holder.
  • The other Full Size Tools that fit in this system are 12" long and will allow you to hollow about 9". Full size tools feature a 1/2" square shaft, with the exception of the Simple Shear Cutting Finisher which is 5/8" round and the Simple Scraper IV which is 3/8" x 1".
  • Tools are sold separatley from this system.

What is included?

  • Included is the articulating arm and all the mounting hardware needed to attach this to your split bed lathe. This will ship with instructions, however we also have instructions on our you tube channel.
  • Tools are sold separate.
  • The laser is sold separate, and can be added later if desired.


The entire Simple Hollowing System is made by Harrison Specialties in the Land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota. All components are precision machined on an American made Haas CNC milling machine.

  • Made in America in Ramsey, Minnesota.
  • This fully articulating hollowing system will fit virtually any lathe with split ways, even mini lathes. 
  • Note: If you own a Nova DVR be sure to let us know and we will ship a mounting base clamp specifically for that lathe. 
  • This system can be used to turn both the inside and outside of a project. That makes it ideal for turners who must turn while seated or who may have other physical limitations making it difficult to hold tools.
  • All Full Size Simple Woodturning Tools® can be used in the system or any other tool with a half inch tang.
  • This system will also accept 3/8" (mid size) tools with the addition of the SHS Bushing found here: SHS BUSHING
  • Watch THIS VIDEO on how to use Mid Size Tools in this Simple Hollowing System.