Simple Rougher Tool with Square Carbide Tip - 12" Tool Only

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Simple Rougher Tool with Square Carbide Tip

The introduction of carbide tipped wood turning tools has greatly simplified wood turning.

Gone forever is the white knuckle tool holding approach while roughing with a conventional roughing gouge. Also gone forever is the fear of catches and the long learning curve where precise angles and special tool presentation techniques must be mastered. Another thing that won't be missed is the need to master many sharpening techniques before you can even begin to turn, not to mention the expense of all that sharpening equipment.

Now with Simple Woodturning Tools® it’s all turning and no sharpening so you can start turning immediately.

To use the Simple Rougher just follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Position the tool rest as close to the work as possible so the carbide cutter is at the lathe center line.
  2. Place the tool on the tool rest with the tool shaft parallel with the floor.
  3. While securely holding the tool to keep the flat bottom in constant contact with the tool rest slowly plunge the carbide cutter into the work.

When roughing with this tool and technique you'll notice right away most of the shock created by interrupted cuts during roughing is now absorbed in the tool rest instead of your hands and arms. 

As you begin to move the tool across the turning block you'll see how fast these carbide tools cut and how much simpler roughing is with the Simple Rougher. It won’t be long until your block is a cylinder and you'll get your first look at what your turning will become. 

In addition to roughing you'll notice the Simple Rougher is a great tool for shaping the outside radius of a bowl and for turning beads on spindle turnings.  Straight line turning is also simplified on projects such as the wishing well seen in the photos of this tool. Also it's a great tool for hollowing out the inside of a bowl. If you're making a box or other vessel that requires square inside corners and a flat bottom this is the tool of choice for that as well.

Simple Rougher technical details:

  • Carbide cutter - 9/16" square
  • 3 Cutter options available - See details below
  • Overall tool length – 12" (tool is 9.5" long when used in a handle)
  • Tool Shaft – Solid stainless steel  ½" square 
  • Handle tang - ½" diameter x 2½" length
  • Torx wrench is included to rotate cutter
  • Works in Simple Hollowing System
  • Works in either 17" long foam grip handle or 8" aluminum handle

Simple Rougher Cutter options:

This tool ships with the carbide cutter of your choice. 

  • 6 inch radius carbide square cutter (suggested cutter option)
    Corners rounded with an approximate 0.02” radius.
    Size: 15mm x 15mm.
    Best choice for roughing and cutting straight surfaces.
  • 90 degree carbide square cutter
    Corners are very sharp with no radius.
    Size: 14mm x 14mm.
    Best choice for turning perfect 90 degree shapes such as inside corners and tenons.
  • 4 inch radius carbide square cutter
    Corners are very sharp with virtually no radius.
    Size: 15mm x 15mm
    Best choice for turning straight profiles and nearly 90 degree inside corners.