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Mid Size Simple 55° Detailer Carbide Diamond Woodturning Lathe 9" Tool

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Mid-Size Simple 55° Detailer Carbide Wood Lathe Tool

This tool is perfect for cutting small details like those seen on the pictured bird house ornament. Also it's ideally for cutting a dovetail tennon for mounting turnings in a 4-jaw chuck.  Other examples are spindle details and anything else were fine details are desired. This tool can also be used as a parting tool.

To use the Mid Size Simple 55° Detailer just follow these 3 simple steps.

  1. Position the tool rest as close to the work as possible so the carbide cutter is at the lathe center line.
  2. Place the tool on the tool rest with the tool shaft parallel with the floor.
  3. While securely holding the tool slowly move the carbide cutter into the work.

Because of the small tool shaft the tool should not extend past the tool rest more then 3 inches

Mid Size Simple 55° Detailer  technical details:

  •  Carbide cutter - 55° diamond
  •  Overall tool length – 9"
  •  Tool Shaft – Solid Stainless Steel  3/8" square
  •  Handle tang - 3/8" diameter x 2" length
  • T15 Torx star tip wrench included

Here's a video demonstrating these tools:


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