Acrylic/Resin Cutter for AR Tools - Fits AR SSTH (Simple Start) AR MSTH (Mid-Size) and AR STH (Full-Size)

Simple Woodturning Tools SKU: Insert for AR SSTH


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Replacement carbide cutter for turning acrylics, resins, man made materials or wood hybrid pieces. Fits AR SSTH, AR MSTH or AR STH Tool.

We engrave each tool to help identify which cutter will fit. Match your tools engraving with the cutter name.

Replacement carbide cutter insert for tools engraved with:

  • AR SSTH (Acrylic/Resin Simple Start Turner & Hollower)
  • AR MSTH (Acrylic/Resin Mid-size Simple Turner & Hollower)
  • AR STH (Acrylic/Resin Full-Size Simple Turner & Hollower)
  • 11.8mm round x 4mm thick
  • requires a M3.5 x 0.6 x 10mm screw with T15 Torx head (sold separately)

NOTE: This cutter will not fit the standard tools (engraved SSTH, MSTH, STH).