3 Carbide Tools - Rougher, Hollower and Detailer each with a Foam Grip Handle - 26.5" Overall

Simple Woodturning Tools SKU: STH, SR90, S55D 3 Handle 63


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These full-size carbide tipped wood turning tools are ½" square X 12" long when unhandled. When used in the handle, the tools are 9.5" long and the overall tool and handle length is 26.5". The tool and handle together weigh 2 lbs 5 oz.

Tools included:

1. Simple Rougher (SR) - Typically the first tool used to quickly rough a block to a cylinder and shape the profile. You have the choice of choosing one of the carbide cutter selections from the above drop down box -- the 90° square; the 4" radius or the 6" radius cutter. The 6" radius is the preferred cutter choice. 

2. Simple Turner & Hollower™ (STH) - A great all around woodturning tool that's the simplest turning & hollowing tool to master on the market today.

3. Simple 55° Detailer™ (S55D) - For fine detail work such as beads and coves in spindles. Perfect for cutting the dovetail tenon needed for holding a block in a 4 jaw chuck.  

Plus ... 3 comfortable foam grip handles.

The carbide tips on these tools are designed for turning wood. Click Here to see the tools designed for turning Acrylic/Resin/Epoxy. You can swap out the cutter on the SR tool in this set with a negative rake angle cutter.

Carbide Cutter Details Here

Tool Details:

  • Material: Solid stainless steel
  • Overall tool length: 12"
  • Handle tang: 2.5" x .5" diameter
  • Torx star tip wrenches are included
  • Handles can be removed so these tools work in the Simple Hollowing System

Handle Details:

  • Material: Solid aluminum CNC machined core covered with a comfortable foam rubber grip
  • Overall length: 17"
  • Outside diameter: 1 3/8"
  • Opening for tool: ½" diameter
  • Tools are easily changed by loosening two stainless steel allen set screws.

Watch video demonstrations here.


    Replacement carbide cutters are available HERE.

    Every woodturning tool in this package will work in our Simple Hollowing System.

    Any questions just e-mail or chat, we're glad to help.