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Cutter Details

Simple Rougher Cutter Options

There are 3 choices for cutters with this tool: 

6 inch radius carbide square cutter
Corners rounded with an approximate 0.02” radius.
Size: 15mm x 15mm.
Best choice for roughing and cutting straight surfaces.

90 degree carbide square cutter
Corners are very sharp with no radius.
Size: 14mm x 14mm.
Best choice for turning perfect 90 degree shapes such as inside corners and tenons.

4 inch radius carbide square cutter
Corners are very sharp with virtually no radius.
Size: 15mm x 15mm
Best choice for turning straight profiles and nearly 90 degree inside corners.

Simple Turner & Hollower and Swan Neck Cutter

Round flat top carbide cutter - 9/16” diameter (Tools engraved "STH" or "SSNH")

Simple 55° Detailer Cutter

55° diamond shape carbide cutter (Tools engraved "S55D" or "MS55D")

Simple 90° Detailer Cutter

14mm 90° carbide cutter with very sharp corner (Tools engraved "S90D")

Simple Shear Cutting Finisher Cutter

12mm (½") round saucer top carbide cutter (Tools w/ 5/8 diameter shaft - NOT engraved)