Acrylic Resin 3 Tool Simple Scraper Complete Set - Simple Scraper I, II and III

Simple Woodturning Tools SKU: SS1 NRRect, SS2 NROval, SS3 NROval


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Complete set of Simple Scrapers

with negative rake cutters for turning epoxy resin, acrylic and hybrid pieces 

Excellent tool

This thing. Is absolutely amazing. Balanced. Comfortable. And built like a tank. It does all that it is claimed to do and then some. And comes quickly with the shipping packing perfect. I very highly recommend this thing. It is worth every single penny. 

Tool 1 - Simple Scraper I - Perfect for finishing long straight lines, shaping bowl walls and creating flat bottomed bowls and boxes (comes with negative rake rectangle cutter)


Quickly remove tool marks and create silky smooth profile transitions between inside and outside curves, as well as straight wave free lines with less sanding!



Tool 2 - Simple Scraper II - For steep or straight inside walls and bottom finishing with tailstock support (comes with negative rake oval cutter)


This is a specialty tool created for steep or straight inside walls of a bowl or box or for finishing the outside bottom of the bowl with tailstock support!

Tool 3 - Simple Scraper III - For shaping the inward lip and inside bowl and for shaping between the headstock and bottom (comes with negative rake oval cutter)


Combining this tool with SS I & II allows you to reach virtually all the inner and outer walls on any turned project, as well as both sides of the bottom, regardless of how it is oriented on the lathe. 


Watch The Simple Scraper I tool in action here: 

  • Carbide cutter size: 1.18" x .50" x .10" thick
  • Tool measures 1" wide x 3/8" thick x 8" long. Handle tang is 3/8" square (fits in 1/2" hole) x 2.5" long, so tool length once it's in the handle is 5.5".
  • Handle Options:
    • With Full Size Handle with Foam Grip - Tool and handle length is 22".
    • With Simple Start Handle - Tool and handle length is 13".
    • Unhandled if you'd like to turn your own handle.
    • Does not fit mid size handle. Requires handle with 1/2" dia hole.