Simple Scraper II - For steep or straight inside walls and bottom finishing with tailstock support

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The Simple Scraper II picks up where the Simple Scraper I leaves off

This is a specialty tool created for steep or straight inside walls of a bowl or box or for finishing the outside bottom of the bowl with tailstock support!

Outside bottom of bowl being finished.

Close up picture of a bowl on the "Simple Vacuum Chuck" while completing the bottom finishing with tailstock support and a thin live center (the "Simple Live Tailstock Drill Chuck Kit"). The tool will not hit the tailstock.

In use below on the inside wall of a tall bowl

Shape and finish the inside wall of projects with steep or straight walls such as tall bowls and boxes. 

Watch The Simple Scraper I tool in action here: 

  • Carbide cutter size: 1.18" x .50" x .10" thick
  • Tool measures 1" wide x 3/8" thick x 8" long. Handle tang is 3/8" square (fits in 1/2" hole) x 2.5" long, so tool length once it's in the handle is 5.5".
  • Handle Options:
    • With Full Size Handle with Foam Grip - Tool and handle length is 22".
    • With Simple Start Handle - Tool and handle length is 13".
    • Unhandled if you'd like to turn your own handle.
    • Does not fit mid size handle. Requires handle with 1/2" dia hole.

For the complete description and details of the Simple Scraper I, click here