5 Woodturning Tools with 5 Handles - Simple Start Size - 12" Overall Length

Simple Woodturning Tools SKU: SSTH, SSR2R, SS55, SS90, SSSCF, 4 H66, 1H72


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5 Tools Included:

  • Simple Start Rougher - SSR - create basic shapes
  • Simple Start Turner & Hollower - SSTH - refine your shape
  • Simple Start 55° Detailer - SS55 - detail your shape
  • Simple Start 90° - SS90 - square inside corners 
  • Simple Start Shear Cutting Finisher - SSSCF - surface finish

Each tool comes with a beautiful 8" aluminum handle. 

Tool Description:

The Simple Start Turner & Hollower  is ideal for turning small pens, tops, bottle stoppers, etc.

The Simple Start Rougher carbide tool makes roughing much simpler & less physical as most of the shock created by interrupted cuts is absorbed in the tool rest instead of your hands & arms.

The Simple Start 55 Detailer carbide tool is perfect for cutting small details or a dovetail tenon. It can also be used as a parting tool.

The Simple Start 90 carbide tool is for detail work, can be used for roughing or for square inside corners.

The Simple Start Shear Cutting Finisher carbide tool provides the very best surface finish of any carbide tool. This is a great all-around tool and can be used on wood, acrylic, epoxy resin or a hybrid wood/resin piece. Often this becomes the favorite tool.

*Note: All of these tools can be used in the Simple Hollowing System. Just loosen the two stainless set screws in each handle and remove the tool from the handle. The SSSCF tool (Simple Shear Cutting Finisher) requires the SHS Bushing in order to be used in the Simple Hollowing System.

Tool Details:

  • CNC machined from 3/8” square stainless steel, making them stronger, stiffer and less likely to roll than round tools.
  • Overall tool length is 6.5", 4" of tool extends beyond the handle.
  • Overall length of tool with handle is 12".

Handle Details:

The most beautiful lathe tool handle on the market, 100% USA made by American craftsman. CNC machined from solid aircraft aluminum for balance, durability, and to last for years. Overall length is 8"; outside diameter is 1 3/16"; tool opening is 1/2" diameter. If needed, tools can be easily changed by loosening the two stainless steel set screws.

  • Overall length: 8".
  • Outside diameter: 1-3/16".
  • Opening for tool: 1/2".
  • Tools can be easily changed by loosening the two stainless Allen set screws using an 1/8" Allen key (not included)

Benefits of Carbide Lathe Tools:

Simple to use for all skill levels making woodturning fast and more enjoyable. You can focus on your project and not on techniques or sharpening. No long learning curve or expensive sharpening equipment. You can begin turning as soon as your box arrives because each tool comes with a very sharp, rotatable carbide cutter. Just rotate the cutter head ¼ turn for a clean, sharp edge and you are back to turning wood.