Cutter for tool engraved with SR - Full Size Simple Rougher

Simple Woodturning Tools SKU: Insert for SR90 & S90D

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Replacement square carbide cutter or insert for Simple Rougher Woodturning Tool for wood lathe.

Fits tool engraved with SR.

Three cutter options to choose from:

  • 90 degree carbide square cutter
    Corners are very sharp with no radius.
    Size: 14mm x 14mm.
    Best choice for turning perfect 90 degree shapes such as inside corners and tenons.
    Note: Tools sold prior to 10/24/2011 only accept this 90 degree square cutter.
  • 6 inch radius carbide square cutter
    Corners rounded with an approximate 0.02 inch radius.
    Size: 15mm x 15mm.
    Best choice for roughing and cutting straight surfaces.
  • 4 inch radius carbide square cutter
    Corners are very sharp with virtually no radius.
    Size: 15mm x 15mm
    Best choice for turning straight profiles and nearly 90 degree inside corners.
  • You can also select "All Three Cutters" from the above box and receive one each of the above cutters.

Tools sold before 10/24/2011 only accept the 90° square cutter.

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