Cutter for tools engraved with MSR or MS90D - Mid Size Simple Rougher & 90° Detailer

Simple Woodturning Tools SKU: Insert for MSR90


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Replacement carbide cutter insert for Mid Size Simple Rougher and Mid Size Simple 90° Detailer (tools engraved with MSR or MS90D).

Two cutter options to choose from:

  • 90° square carbide cutter
    • Corners are very sharp with no radius.
    • Size: 10.5 mm x 10.5 mm
    • Best choice for turning perfect 90 degree shapes such as inside corners and tenons.
    • Only choice for Mid Size Simple 90° Detailer (engraved MS90D).
  • 2" Radius square carbide cutter
    • Corners rounded with an approximate 0.02" radius. 
    • Size: 11 mmx 11 mm
    • Best choice for roughing and cutting straight surfaces.
    • Will not fit Mid Size Simple 90° Detailer (engraved MS90D).

Screw required: Flat head socket cap screw - 4/40 x 5/16 length - Head 1/16 Allen.

NOTE: These cutter will not fit the full size tools (engraved SR or S90D).