TURNERS BUNDLE - Kiln Dried Wood Turning Blank Plus Glue Hub, Waste Block and Wrench

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1.25" - 8 TPI with Hardwood Wasteblock
1" - 8 TPI with Hardwood Wasteblock

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  • Threaded, reusable, aluminum glue hub with hardwood waste block
  • 7" diameter x 3" thick kiln dried Maple round bowl blank
  • Wrench for loosening hub from lathe spindle
  • Once you've completed your turning, the glue hub and waste block can be reused for other projects! 
  • Wood sizes are approximate. 1/4" +/- is considered acceptable.

Glue Hub Features:

  • SIMPLE: Turn both inside, outside and bottom without removing and reversing project
  • EXTRA SPACE: creates more room for shaping bottom or foot as it is smaller than a 4-jaw chuck and moves project away from the headstock
  • SAVES WOOD: No need to lose wood on a tenon. Consume the waste block when parting your project off
  • LONG LIFE: Add more fine-grained hardwood to extend waste block
  • REUSABLE: Aluminum won’t crack or break over time
  • REMOVEABLE: Remove project from lathe multiple times without losing center alignment.
  • CONVENIENT: No screws or jaws. Thread hub onto lathe, glue your wood project directly to the waste block, use your tailstock to hold, and start turning once the glue dries.
  • THREADED: Threads directly onto your lathe spindle, or can be reversed and held in tail stock.
  • HOLDS SECURELY: Waste block features ½” deep milled pocket that the glue hub is glued into resulting in a more secure hold than a butt joint. No more coming loose from chuck jaws.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighs 16 oz (with waste block) vs 4-jaw chucks that weigh 4+ lbs
  • WORKS WITH RESIN: Without the waste block this can be glued or molded directly into a resin project.
  • We always recommend using tailstock support as much as possible when turning. This can be done with a live tailstock chuck and a center point.

Glue Hub Details:

  • CNC machined from 6061 aluminum
  • 1.90" outside diameter 
  • 3.5" Overall Length
  • Choose from either 1" - 8 TPI threads or 1.25" - 8 TPI

Hardwood Waste Block:

  • Arrives pre-glued to hub using clear Gorilla glue.
  • Routered from kiln dried hard maple.
  • 2.5" diameter x 1.5" long
  • Milled pocket is 0.50" deep, so your glue hub sits inside the waste block 0.50".
  • Once your original waste block becomes 1" long, we suggest that you add additional fine-grained hardwood, such as hard maple, to the waste block. This will allow you to separate your project without consuming the original waste block.


This maple blank will make a finished bowl approximately 6.75" diameter and 2.5" tall. Also can be used for any other woodturning project!  *Images displayed are meant to illustrate the product; the actual wood grain and coloration may vary. These blanks are sold individually. There are 3 blanks in the photo to give you an idea of the spalting that is possible. You will only receive 1 blank.

About this blank:

  • This 7" x 3" wood blank offers a perfect canvas for crafting a stunning bowl to present snacks or offer as a gift.
  • The figuring in these maple blanks varies from blank to blank. The photos are not an exact representation of the blank you'll receive. These are only an idea of what it may look like.
  • This maple turning blank is crafted with only the finest hand-picked, kilned hardwoods for superior results. Achieve the best results with sharp tools when working with dry woods. These blanks are sealed with protective wax.
  • This blank should be turned within 1 month of receipt to avoid any changes in the wood.
  • This blank is round, so there's no roughing.
  • Sizes are approximate.  1/4" +/- is considered acceptable.

    Please be aware that wood turning can be hazardous depending on the apparatus and user proficiency. By purchasing this wood blank, the buyer waives us of any and all responsibility in the event of injury or harm resulting from turning it on a lathe. Note that California State has identified wood dust as a carcinogen. Minimize exposure to wood dust by using a dust mask or other protective measures.