6 Piece Mid-size Tool Set plus a Colored Handle - 19" Overall

Simple Woodturning Tools SKU: MSP6 MSR2R H85SAP


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Simple Woodturning Tools 6 Tool Set of Mid Size Carbide Wood Turning Tools with handle of your color choice.

  • These high quality carbide turning tools are American made by Harrison Specialties in Ramsey, Minnesota, a family owned CNC machining and manufacturing company.
  • Easy tool selection with color coded solid aluminum handles. Each CNC machined powdercoated turning tool handle is 1-1/8" outside diameter by 12" overall length.
  • Carbide turning tools feature ultra-sharp replaceable tips, which have multiple sides that can be rotated. Replacing or turning the cutters is easy with the included Torx wrench. No more tool sharpening.
  • Designed with a 3/8" square shaft making it easy to keep tools flat on the tool rest. Overall turning tool length is 9", with 7" extending past the handle.
  • Greatly simplifies woodturning with no need for any sharpening equipment.

The tools for woodturning included in this package:

  1. Mid Simple Turner & Hollower (MSTH) - Ideal for turning small bowls, handles, bottle stoppers, pens etc from even super hard wood such as maple.
  2. Mid Simple 55° Detailer (MS55D) - Perfect for cutting small details like those shown on the pictured bird house ornament. Also ideal for cutting a dovetail tenon for mounting turnings in a 4-jaw chuck. Can be used as a parting tool.
  3. Mid Simple Rougher (MSR) - square cutter with 2" radius. This tool is suited for small and mid size projects such as pens, Christmas ornaments, cheese slicer handles, etc.
  4. Mid Simple Shear Cutting Finisher (MSSCF) - this 3/8" round shaft tool will give you the very best surface finish of any carbide tool because of it's shearing cutting action. 
  5. Mid Simple 90° Detailer (MS90D) - For detail work and cutting perfectly square inside corners.
  6. Mid Simple Swan Neck Hollower (MSSNH) - Specifically designed to reach areas inside hollow form vessels inaccessible to straight shaft tools.

Lathe Tool Handle details:

  • These beautiful solid aluminum handles are CNC machined here in Ramsey Minnesota.
  • Each tool handle is powder coated giving it an easy grip & very durable finish.
  • Overall length: 12".
  • Outside diameter: 1-1/8".
  • Opening for tool: 3/8".
  • Tools are easily changed by loosening the two stainless Allen set screws.

All wrenches are included. Replacement inserts are available. Identify replacement cutters by matching the cutter name with the engraving on the tool.