Negative Rake Carbide Simple Parting Tool for Turning Acrylic, Resin Epoxy or Hybrid Lathe Projects

Simple Woodturning Tools SKU: NR SPT H63


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Now available - a parting tool for epoxy resin, acrylic, wood/resin hybrid or any other man-made material lathe projects. The negative rake grind on this carbide tipped parting tool is designed to slice through any of these materials. 

Tool Demonstration:

Negative Rake Simple Parting Tool technical details:

  • Blade width -1/8"
  • Cutter width - 5/32" nominal with negative rake grind
  • Max cutting depth - 3 1/2"
  • Overall tool length – 12"
  • Main tool shaft - Solid stainless steel 3/4" square
  • Handle tang - ½" diameter x 2½" length
  • Solid Stainless Steel
  • Made in America

A few notes & best practices:

Keep the tip at the lathe center line.

Always keep the tip of the parting tool on the centerline of the lathe. If you have a smaller lathe and cannot lower the tool rest enough, you can tip the tool so that the cutter is presented to the work closer to the center line.

Make the groove wider than the tool tip.

Catches can be a result of plunging straight into a work piece without giving the chips a place to go. Wood chips that cannot evacuate the piece are re-cut and can lead to problems. To prevent this issue, create a wide groove at the beginning of your piece and narrow as you get to the center. This gives the wood chips a chance to get out, so they are not re-cut.