Cutter Pack for FULL SIZE 5 Tool Set - SSCF, SR, S55D, STH, S90D

Simple Woodturning Tools SKU: Insert Full 5 SSCF STH 2XSR90 S55D


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Package of 5 Replacement Carbide Cutters (Full Size Only)

This package will give you a replacement cutter for each tool in the 5 tool kit shown here

These will not fit the mid size tools.

This package contains the below 5 replacement cutters:

  • Cutter for SSCF: Fits Simple Shear Cutting Finisher (round shaft)
  • Cutter for S55D: Fits Simple 55° Detailer
  • Cutter for SR: The Simple Rougher will accept either the 90° square or the square with 6" radius sides (Choose from menu above)
  • Cutter for STH: Fits Simple Turner and Hollower 
  • Cutter for S90D: Fits Simple 90º Detailer