Acrylic/Resin Cutter Pack for Mid Size 4 Tool Set - AR MSTH, AR MSR, AR MS90 & MSSCF

Simple Woodturning Tools SKU: Insert 4 Pack AR MSR(2), MSSCF, AR MSTH


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Package of 4 Replacement Carbide Cutters for Acrylic Resin Turning Tools (Mid Size Only)

This package will give you a replacement cutter for each tool in the 4 tool kit shown here

This package contains the below 4 replacement cutters:

  • Cutter for AR MSTH: Fits Acrylic/Resin Mid-Size Simple Turner & Hollower (Does not fit tool engraved 'MSTH' - Tool must be engraved 'AR MSTH'.)
  • Cutter for AR MSR: Fits Acrylic/Resin Mid-Size Simple Rougher
  • Cutter for AR MS90: Fits Acrylic/Resin Mid-Size Simple 90° Detailer
  • Cutter for MSSCF: Fits Mid-Size Simple Shear Cutting Finisher