SWTT Tools

SWTT Tools

Simple Woodturning Tools and Accessories


Tool length is 12", with 9.5" extending past the handle - handle is 17" length for an overall length of 26.5"

Simple Scraper - The widest and most unique carbide scraper on the market. (our newest tool!) The oval negative rake carbide cutter is included

Simple Rougher (SR) - Normally the first tool to create the basic shape. A 90° square carbide cutter is included

Simple Turner and Hollower (STH) - This tool makes gentle curves inside and out and refines the shape.

Simple 55° Detailer (S55D) - Get creative with this tool and make fine details. Also, perfect for making a dovetail tenon for holding turnings in a 4 jaw chuck

Simple Shear Cutting Finisher (SSCF) - A finishing tool that is awesome on both wood and resin/epoxy projects.

Simple 90° Detailer (S90D) - Often a tool that is used to rapidly remove material

Simple Swan Neck Hollower (SSNH) - Curved to reach areas inaccessible by straight tools

Simple Parting Tool (SPT) - Simplify parting with this tool.



Tool length is 9", with 7" extending past the handle- handle is 12" length for an overall length of 19"

Mid Simple Turner & Hollower (MSTH) - Ideal for turning small bowls, handles, bottle stoppers, pens etc from even super hard wood such as maple.

Mid Simple 55° Detailer (MS55D) - Perfect for cutting small details like those shown on the pictured bird house ornament. Also ideal for cutting a dovetail tenon for mounting turnings in a 4-jaw chuck. Can be used as a parting tool.

Mid Simple Rougher (MSR) - square cutter with 2" radius. This tool is suited for small and mid size projects such as pens, Christmas ornaments, cheese slicer handles, etc.

Mid Simple Shear Cutting Finisher (MSSCF) - this 3/8" round shaft tool will give you the very best surface finish of any carbide tool because of it's shearing cutting action. 

Mid Simple 90° Detailer (MS90D) - For detail work and cutting perfectly square inside corners.

Mid Simple Swan Neck Hollower (MSSNH) - Specifically designed to reach areas inside hollow form vessels inaccessible to straight shaft tools.



Tool length is 6.5", 4" of tool extends beyond the handle.- comes with a 8" aluminum handle and is 12" length overall

Simple Start Rougher - SSR - create basic shapes

Simple Start Turner & Hollower - SSTH - refine your shape

Simple Start 55° Detailer - SS55 - detail your shape

Simple Start 90° - SS90 - square inside corners 

Simple Start Shear Cutting Finisher - SSSCF - surface finish


Simple Swan Neck Hollower Carbide Turning Tool

Specifically designed to reach areas inside hollow form vessels inaccessible to straight shaft tools.