Extended Base Plate for Simple Hollowing System

Simple Woodturning Tools SKU: Part 120 Plate Only


Available Now!

Now there's help guiding tools even to the outside of your bowl with this extended base plate.

This extended base plate mounts to the top of the lathe bed and allows you more reach with your Simple Hollowing System. (Simple Hollowing System sold separately)


  • 10" long x 4" wide x 5/16" thick
  • Powdercoated black
  • Three mounting positions for SHS vertical post
  • Extends flexibility of Simple Hollowing System
  • Allows turning of outside of project, including while using tailstock support
  • Increases turning ability of those with physical limitations, such as turning while seated or difficulty holding tools
  • This can be used on existing systems by replacing the plate that sits on the lathe bed with this new extended plate. Utilizes same mounting clamp and knob/threaded rod as standard Simple Hollowing System
  • Simple to adjust/slide as desired
  • The Simple Hollowing System will accept any of our Full Size tools or the Simple Start Tools (with handles removed). You can also use the mid size tools with the addition of the SHS Bushing (found here)


This extended base plate can be purchased two ways:

  • Plate only (already have the Simple Hollowing System? All you need is the plate to swap for the standard plate that came with your system.)
  • Plate with tube, flat head screws (3), clamp for below the bed, black knob and threaded rod.