Maple Wood Bowl Turning Blank with Routered Groove for Resin Inlay, 7" x 3"

Simple Woodturning Tools SKU: B4 MAPLE R1


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This kiln-dried maple blank with routered design you can fill with epoxy resin will make a very unique finished hybrid bowl approximately 6.5" wide and 2.75" - 3" tall. *Images displayed are meant to illustrate the finished product; the actual wood grain and coloration may vary. It's up to you to decide what color resin to use.

About this unique blank:

  • This round turning blank can be used to craft a beautiful hybrid bowl worthy of admiration and gifting.
  • The routered design is a 3/8" slot x 1.75" deep and can be filled with about 6-8 oz of your epoxy resin-based mixture, colored to your preferred hue. This can be put into a pressure pot, although satisfactory results have been achieved without one.
  • This bowl-turning blank is crafted with only the finest hand-picked, kilned hardwoods for superior results. Achieve the best results with sharp tools when working with dry woods & epoxy resin. We suggest Acrylic/Resin tools such as this kit when turning this project. 
  • These blanks arrive to you already round, so there's no roughing!
  • SPECIAL NOTE: We do NOT recommend urethane resins. We only use and have tested epoxy resin (we use Total Boat tabletop eopxy, however there are others).


    Please be aware that wood turning can be hazardous depending on the apparatus and user proficiency. By purchasing this wood blank, the buyer waives us of any and all responsibility in the event of injury or harm resulting from turning it on a lathe. Note that California State has identified wood dust as a carcinogen. Minimize exposure to wood dust by using a dust mask or other protective measures.