Simple Carbide Parting Tool for Wood Lathe

Simple Woodturning Tools SKU: SPT.


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If you thought your other Simple Woodturning Tools cut good wait till you try this one. The narrow razor sharp carbide tip slices through even the hardest wood with amazing ease. Now you can cut small grooves for decorative features and then simply part off the finished vessel easier then you ever thought possible.

NEW! Bundle with our flat tool rest for additional tool support! 

 Watch the Parting Tool demonstration here...

Simple Parting Tool™ technical details:

  • Blade width -1/8"
  • Cutter width - 5/32" nominal
  • Max cutting depth - 3 1/2"
  • Overall tool length – 12"
  • Main tool shaft - solid stainless steel 3/4" square
  • Handle tang - ½" diameter x 2½" length
  • Solid stainless steel